Awards And Accolades

Over the years, CRDC has been a nursery of numerous industry-specific innovations as well as patent-winning products and processes in an indigenous endeavor, leveraging in-house core competencies and domain specializations.

This spectacular effort has been yielding a sustained flow of class-leading solutions that offer higher performance, greater flexibility and lower costs, thus enhancing the competitiveness and profitability of the corporation, while also contributing vitally to the success of the “Make in India” initiative of the Government.



From the initial years of supporting the on-going business to moving into research in niche areas, CRDC has exhibited its strength in development of various novel technologies and products.

The first major breakthrough came in 2005 in the form of Bharat Metal Cutting Gas (BMCG), followed by Octane Improver and CO Promoter.

By 2010, CRDC had chalked out an ambitious journey to take Bharat Petroleum into the realm of future technologies

By 2015, ‘Polymer & Petrochemicals’ laboratory was set up with the objective of developing niche chemicals from the upcoming petrochemical plants.

By June 2020, CRDC demonstrated and commercialized several innovative technologies and products, such as Gasoline Sulfur Reduction Catalyst (Bharat GSR CAT); Ethanol Corrosion Inhibitor (Bharat Ecochem); an indigenous Dewaxing Catalyst (Bharat Hi-CAT); Water Detecting Paste (Bharat WDP); a state-of-the-art tool for predicting the refining characteristics of crude oil (BPMARRK); K Model – a tool for ascertaining crude oil compatibility; HiGee Deaeration technology; a high-efficiency Divided Wall Column technology for naphtha separation (Bharat DWC) and many more.


Awards and Accolades

CRDC has won several awards and industry recognition for innovations such as K Model, BPMARRK, Bharat Ecochem, Bharat GSR CAT, Bharat Metal Cutting Gas (2nd Generation), Bharat Water Detecting Paste, Bharat Hi-CAT, Bharat Divided Wall Column Technology, Furnace Cleaning Chemical, and Waste Plastic Road. Apart from this, CRDC scientists and R&D teams have won awards for their role in promoting innovation.

Some of these accolades are as follows:

  • Best Innovation in R&D Institute Award for ‘K Model’ (RPTM 2020) by MoP&NG
  • Best Innovation in Refinery Award for ‘BPMARRK (RPTM 2020) by MoP&NG
  • Indigenously developed technology Commendation Certificate for ‘Bharat- DWC Technology’ (RPTM 2020) by MoP&NG
  • Frost & Sullivan’s Project Evaluation & Recognition Program 2019
    • Divided wall Column (DWC) technology - Winner (Process Innovation Leadership category)
    • K Model - First Runner Up (Process Innovation Leadership Category)
    • Furnace cleaning chemical – Certificate Of Merit
  • FICCI Sustainability Award for the Best Green Product in the Petrochemical Sector for Bharat GSR CAT (FICCI Chemicals and Petrochemical Award 2019) PETROECH-2019 Special Technical Award for K Model innovation in hydrocarbon sector
  • Best Innovation in R&D Institute Award for BHARAT-HiCAT (RPTM 2019) by MoP&NG
  • Frost & Sullivan’s Project Evaluation & Recognition Program 2018
    • Bharat Water Detecting Paste - Joint Winner (Quality Enterprise Leadership category)
    • Innovative Soil Rehabilitation - Winner (Environment Leadership category)
    • Bharat Ecochem - Winner (Additive Manufacturing category)
    • BPMARKK® - Jury's Special Mention Award (Digital Modeling category)
    • Waste Plastic Road – Certificate of Merit
    • Gasoline Sulphur Reduction additive – Certificate of merit
  • Best Innovation in R&D Institute Award for BPMARRK® (RPTM 2017) by MoP&NG
  • Excellent Paper Award for ‘Highly Selective Syngas Conversion to Methanol over Multi component Metal Oxides: Catalysis and Kinetics Studies’ at (23rd World Energy Congress 2016, Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Innovator of the year - Team for Bharat GSR (PetroFed 2014)
  • Innovator of the year - Team special commendation for BPMARRK® (PetroFed 2013)
  • Innovator of the year - Team special commendation for Bharat Ecochem (PetroFed 2012)
  • Young Scientist Award by the Catalysis Society of India (2012)
  • Award for best laboratory (NACE 2010)
  • Innovation Award for Bharat Metal Cutting Gas (OceanTex 2008)