BPMARRK® – a technology patented by BPCL – is a comprehensive tool that makes it possible to predict detailed refining characteristics of crude oil within an hour. What is equally amazing is that it requires only four physical parameters as input to generate about 500 data information of any unknown crude oil or mix. The continuous use of BPMARRK® for real-time monitoring of crude distillation units in Kochi Refinery has yielded a value addition of ₹150-200 crores per annum. Further, we have also conducted several successful plant trials at eight different crude distillation units in Indian refineries. BPMARRK® has predicted the plant distillation profile accurately and identified value addition opportunities to the tune of $0.1–0.5 per barrel.


BPMARRK® has been granted patents in India, USA, Europe and OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) countries.

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