Employee Volunteering Program

In our effort to make sustainable development a shared responsibility, BPCL has introduced Employee volunteering to enable our employees to be part of our journey of social development, and sensitize them to the issues that are plaguing the world. Our contribution is through various activities undertaken either as one-time or repeated volunteering including story-telling, Shramdaan, volunteering in Swachhata Pakhwadas, cleanliness drives, giving awareness talks, teaching skills like interviewing, English language/Arithmetic to name a few. 



Volunteering program has also being undertaken for children with autism and developmental disabilities and thus creating a network of support for their families. Organizing Sport Day event where our volunteers assisted throughout the day in setting up the venue, facilitate the games and most importantly help the special children who participated in various events like relay race, 100 mt race, drills etc. 



“Once upon a time” storytelling initiative is where employees tell stories with morals to children in schools which BPCL supports. The values shared through the stories are linked with BPCL values of Trust, Ethics, Innovation, Collaboration etc. The volunteers also work to improve the vocabulary of the children by teaching new English words each week.
“Joy of Giving week” is held every year where we tie up with certain needy organizations for providing the supplies they require for 6 months to 1 year. This includes rations like pulses, rice, oil, flour as well as books, shoes, clothes etc. 

Jallosh- Beach Clean up drive

On World Environment Day, a huge number of BPCL Volunteers had joined hands together in a cleaning drive “Jallosh: Clean Coasts”. Through this activity of an employee volunteering program collective beach clean-up drive was undertaken thus fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment.



BPCL also holds periodic exhibitions in the company premises for sale of items made by the stakeholders / beneficiaries of our projects belonging to underprivileged section of the society. This benefits the “exhibiting organization” while also raising awareness among BPCL staff on the various projects which have been undertaken.


Bharat Connect

The ‘Bharat Connect’ initiative is an employee engagement/capacity building tool aimed at exposing and sensitizing management trainees to the complexities and realities of the issues related to education and water. Furthermore it gives each trainee a thorough understanding of BPCL CSR and its various activities. Through experiential visits and training, Bharat Connect aims to inculcate spirit of volunteering and an orientation towards the need and importance of CSR. 


CSR Saarathi

CSR Saarathi – realising the potential of employee volunteering and leveraging their talent, expertise and contribution for CSR initiatives, a capacity building workshop for employee volunteers who are engaged in contributing to CSR is held at Mumbai Refinery. 


CSR Club

A group of Kochi Refinery volunteers “CSR Club” have carried out numerous activities for the community people in and around the refinery. Major activities such as responding to National Disaster such as floods, outbreak of COVID-19 and providing remedial classes for the students in low income Government/ aided schools. The team is helping in community kitchens, packing provision kits, blood donation, providing essential items such as clothes/mats/bedsheets/provisions etc. The team also give time to Persons with Disabilities by doing home visit, providing medical assistance, providing kits for physical fitness and undertaking skilling programmes