Energy Conservation

Energy conservation at Kochi Refinery receives continuous focus both in terms of improvement in operations / maintenance as well as development of new projects. Continuous monitoring ofenergy efficiency, fuel consumption, hydrocarbon loss, flare loss, heater/boiler performances are carried out systematically with the help of most sophisticated instruments.

The analysis report and data compiled are communicated to the respective sections and necessary actions are initiated in case of any abnormalities. BPCL-KR’s commitment to energy conservation begins at the design stage itself by incorporating energy efficient techniques. BPCL-KR has implemented several energy conservation schemes based on the experience gathered during the operation.

Some of the Energy conservation measures implemented recently are as follows:

  • Low pressure (LP) steam extraction from DHDS unit compressor DDC-2.
  • Implementation of cascade control for steam reboilers in Aromatic Recovery Unit.
  • Automatic combustion control for DHDS charge heater.
  • LP steam air pre heater for crude distillation unit (CDU-2) charge heaters.
  • FRP blades for column overhead fans in CDU-2.
  • Optimizing of pump operations in boiler UB-8/9.
  • Variable frequency drive motors installed to cater to the varying demands of the plants.
  • Reduction of LP steam pressure to extract the maximum latent heat content.
  • Steam optimization in DEA circuit.
  • Conversion of SMR unit feed from naphtha to LNG.
  • Conversion of GT fuels to LNG.
  • Modification of Gasoline Splitter Unit as Naphtha splitter.
  • Minimising energy loss by enhancing steam trap availability.
  • Regular, internal as well as external audits are conducted in different areas to reduce energy consumption.
  • Steam leak and trap survey.
  • Insulation surveys to identify the heat loss.
  • Heater survey to estimate stack losses and setting losses.

Awareness Creation

Encon (Energy Conservation)Clubs Revitalised the Encon Club activities by increasing the number of Encon Clubs from the earlier 25 to 70 numbers. The Club organises various programmes in schools and colleges to spread the message of energy conservation and environment protection.

Energy Group: Employee representatives from different departments are encouraged to meet periodically to present suggestions on energy conservation and environment protection. The forum constitutes of over 40 representatives from different departments of the organization.