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We always find new ways to run our refineries which enables us to operate more safely, reliably and efficiently; reduce costs, recover more resources and better manage risks.


Completed Projects

Replacement of old crude & Vacuum distillation units by CDU-4

A new state of art unit has been installed to enhance safety & environment with improved mechanical integrity as a replacement of old crude.

Approved Cost:1458 Crores

Benefits of the project:

  • Fuel reduction & Processing of 3% additional Vacuum Gas Oil
  • Enhance safety & mechanical integrity for reliable operation is key to protecting people and environment
  • New unit will have lesser number of equipment compared to the older units. Other benefits include better turnaround management and decongestion of facilities
  • CDU-4 unit help in reduction of Sox emission to 10.44 T/day from 12.0 T/day and also Nox emissions reduced, surpassing statutory requirements and thus contributing to the well-being of environmental, safety and economic systems

Commissioning Date: 30th Nov 2015

Conversion of Catalytic Reforming Unit to ISMO Unit

The use of single Divided Wall Column (DWC) has not only reduced the number of equipment but has also resulted in reduction of steam consumption.

Unit Capacity: 0.62 MMTPA

Approved Cost: Rs. 725 Crores

Benefits of the project:

  • To increase Euro IV MS production thus helping in availability of cleaner fuel for society and environment as a whole
  • Use of Single Divided Wall Column (DWC) has not only reduced the number of equipment (one column in place of four columns) but also reduction in steam consumption vis-à-vis conventional distillation columns with operating cost saving
  • Production of world class Food Grade Hexane (FGH) pharma grade specification

Commissioning Date: 19th Jan 2017

100% production of BS IV HSD with Hydro-treatment Unit

This project ensured constant supply of BSIV HSD throughout the country to provide cleaner fuel for society and environment as a whole.

Unit Capacity: 2.6 MMTPA

Approved Cost: Rs. Rs. 1714 Crores

The project was completed in 22 Months from date of Environment Clearance which has set a new bench mark in project execution.

Commissioning Date: 27th Jun 2017


Ongoing Projects

100% production of BS IV MS with Gasoline Hydro-treatment Unit

This project was initiated to install 0.9 MMPTA capacity unit in order to meet the government mandate of producing 100% BS IV MS with effect from April 2020.

Capacity: 0.9 MMTPA

Approved Cost: Rs. 554 Crores

Benefits of the project:

  • To ensure supply of BS VI MS from 1st April’ 2020. This will help to have cleaner fuel for society and environment as a whole

Upcoming Projects

Petrochemical Diversification

BPCL plans to diversify into petrochemicals on a long term basis as it aims to provide an attractive higher value addition alternative over transportation fuels. In view of above BPCL Mumbai Refinery is coming up with large CAPEX investment of approx. Rs. 13,000 Crores in the following projects.

  • Installation of Kerosene Hydro Treater (KHT) integrated with existing DHT Unit (Capacity : 1.5 MMPTA)
  • Petro Resid FCC (PRFCC) (Capacity : 3 MMTPA) at Mumbai Refinery
  • Polypropylene Unit (PP) (Capacity: 450 TMTPA) at Rasayani along with the connecting pipelines


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