Safety comes first

At Mumbai Refinery we are committed to safeguarding the security and health of our employees. Safety Culture is the way safety is perceived, valued and prioritized in an organization. It reflects the real commitment to safety at all levels in the organization. It's "How an Organization and its people function when no one is watching".

Process Safety Vision

Mumbai Refinery aspires to be a global role model by building sustainable process safety capability, culture and strive towards achieving zero process safety events by engaging all stake holders.

Process Safety Mission

BPCL Mumbai Refinery is committed to -

  • Adopt PROCESS SAFETY CENTRIC approach to design, operation and maintenance
  • Develop PROCESS SAFETY COMPETENCIES among all employees and associates
  • Ensure AVAILABILITY AND RELIABILITY of Process Safety Barriers at all times

Process Safety Core Values

  • Nurture and sustain proactive Process Safety Culture based on mutual trust and respect for all
  • Minimize opportunities for error by complying to defined operating procedures and demonstrating Operational Discipline
  • Zero Tolerance towards non-reporting of Process Safety Events and maintaining high sense of vulnerability
  • Demonstrate Accountability for all actions and deliver on process safety commitments

Occupational Health Center

Our employees are our most valuable assets. Their health and safety are our first and foremost priority. Occupational Health Services at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd aims to preserve and promote the health of the employees. We aspire to give better quality of life and happiness to the employees, which in turn will enhance productivity of employees.

Occupational Health Centre takes care of all aspects of health - preventive, curative, emergency and rehabilitative. We have state of art Occupational Health Center with latest equipment, qualified Doctors, Nurses and Paramedical staff providing round the clock services. All the health data of employees is stored, managed and analyzed digitally making our Occupational Health Centre paperless.

Process Safety Management

The Process Safety Management (PSM) of Highly Hazardous Chemicals (HHC's) standard, 29 CFR 1910.119 by OSHA is intended to prevent or minimize the consequences of a catastrophic release of toxic, reactive, flammable or explosive HHC's from a process. The rule intends to accomplish its goal by requiring a comprehensive management program integrating technologies, procedures, and management practices.

The standard applies to a process which contains a threshold quantity or greater amount of a toxic or reactive HHC as specified. PSM is the application of management systems to identify, understand and control process hazards, thus preventing process related injuries and incidents. It is the proactive and systematic identification, evaluation and mitigation or prevention of chemical releases that could occur as a result of failures in processes, procedures and equipment.

Modern hydrocarbon processing facilities have become increasingly more complex. Likewise, the risks in managing greater capacity refineries and petrochemical complexes have increased. The development of new techniques and technologies designed to improve operational safety has evolved to meet these challenges. It is in these circumstances that Process Safety Management (PSM) becomes pivotal as it focuses on Technology, Facilities and Personnel. The objective of the PSM is to cover what PSM stands for and who is covered by the standard. List out all the elements of PSM standard to integrate Technology, Operating procedures and Standard Management Protocols.

To take forward the process safety journey in a faster pace the management in MR had decided to seek support from some external experts. A Process Safety Management Vision/ Mission workshop was conducted on 1st June 2019. Mr. Subbarao, CEO M/s CHOLA MS Risk Services Chennai and his senior colleagues had anchored our vision workshop in which almost 40 senior most executives in Mumbai Refinery brainstormed for a full day. We had co-created a PSM vision 2021 for Mumbai refinery. In the workshop we had firmed up our mission and also identified 4 core values for a better PSM culture in our refinery.


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