BPCL has teamed up with Aspen Technology Inc.

17 May 2023 | BPCL

BPCL has teamed up with Aspen Technology Inc. to revolutionize crude oil sourcing and real-time optimization.
The partnership will integrate Aspen Techs process simulation solution with BPCLs BPMARRK®? software, enabling the generation of complete assay data within a fraction of the time it would traditionally take using laboratory methods.
This groundbreaking technology predicts a detailed Crude Oil Assay for any unknown crude oil within an impressive timeframe of 2 to 5 minutes, empowering refiners to anticipate the volume and quality of refined products with utmost accuracy.
The MOU signing event also saw BPCL unveil K Model®?, an innovative web-based software that enables swift and precise prediction of crude oil blend compatibility and optimization for any number of crude oils within minutes.
BPCL continues to lead the way in the energy industry by pushing boundaries and embracing new technologies. Stay tuned for more updates!
The agreement was signed by Dr. Ravi Kumar V., Head (R&D) BPCL and Dr. Rasha Hasaneen, Chief Product & Sustainability Officer, Aspen Technology Inc. in presence of Shri. Ravitej P. V., ED I/C Refineries Projects, BPCL, Shri George Thomas, Under Secretary (IC) MoP&NG, and other senior officials.
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