K Model


A highly specialized patented software based tool developed at CRDC – K Model has revolutionized the process of analyzing the compatibility of a variety of crude oils in just a few minutes instead of the one week’s time that was required earlier using the experimental analysis route. Based on its remarkable attributes, K Model has been deployed at all BPCL refineries and other business units such as Supply Chain Optimization and International Trades. Remarkably, the financial value addition achieved by using this tool ranges from 15 cents/barrel to $2/barrel over regular crude oil selection/co-processing.


K Model is patented in India and USA.

Brochure Details :

BPCL K Model Brochure



K Model is a patented technology for quick and accurate prediction of crude oil blend compatibility and blend optimization of any number of crude oils blend within minutes.

A web based interface has been developed to run the application over the internet and obtain results rapidly (https://www.bpcl.kmodel.in).

Presently no equivalent or alternate software product is available in world for predicting crude compatibility.