Learning the Alternate Way

Alternative learning platforms at Bharat Petroleum create a parallel channel for you to choose and set your own learning goals. These channels create a different set of opportunities for your growth that also fuels the growth of the organization.



It is a terrific platform for employees to blend seamlessly their profession and passion. You can explore new facets of your own personality and connect with your deeper interests, thereby ensuring that the workplace allows both your profession and passion to complement each other. Apart from nurturing your passion, you also get to connect with others in the organization with similar passions with overlapping common areas. This helps you build a stronger emotional connect with each other. The outcome is a truly energized work environment with each employee experiencing a heightened sense of fulfilment, collaboration and engagement.



We know you like to take on challenges. And that's why we have developed Socratix a Case Study challenge for employees, with the objective of fostering innovation, analytical rigor and strategic thinking. This closely engaging platform helps you sharpen your business awareness of business environment and related challenges as well as your presentation skills.



Want to share your stories with fellow BPCians? Well, Mercurix is the platform for you. One of the most effective ways of sharing knowledge across the organization is through sharing your own experiences through stories. Mercurix is a platform for sharing your stories in two distinct ways storytelling on a delivery platform in front of an audience or penning your experiences in the form of story writing. The Mercurix platform offers these two amazing leadership tools for sharing valuable stories across the organization. The shared knowledge and experiences become a repository for generations to access.



Behind every success story of an organization are people as well as protocols and best practices. Rythink provides a unique opportunity for our employees to capture success stories and best practices that have shaped the amazing journey of Bharat Petroleum so far. Remarkably, some of the cases developed by our employees have been so impactful that they have also been selected for Ivy League institutions such as Harvard Publishing.



At some point of time, each of you want to share your expertise with your colleagues. To do that, you do not have to look any further than Vizdome an easy-to-use self-authoring tool that employees can leverage to create and manage content for their areas of expertise and share with others. The platform enables seamless dissemination and sharing of knowledge across employee populations spread over different roles, businesses and functions. Use it and relish the extra attention and recognition you will get.



Some of you want to spread your wings beyond the gamut of our internal learning programs. This is achieved by way of certifications and courses at top-tier institutes and universities within and outside the country. These are tremendous opportunities worth availing.