BPCL Green Initiatives

A Green Initiative - Installation and commissioning of Solar Power Plant.

Mumbai refinery has developed renewable energy (Solar) capacity of 1 MW and another 0.5 MW generation capacity will be added by Dec-2019.

As a part of green initiative and considering the space constraint, solar power panel was installed innovatively over ANIK Nallah (348 kWp capacity).

Following are the benefits of the same:

  • Reduction in use of conventional energy and a step towards Nation building through use of clean and green energy.
  • Estimated power savings approx. 5.08 Lakh Units per annum (1Unit = 1 KWh).
  • Cost Saving on energy approx. ₹ 45.72 Lakhs per annum (considering electricity tariff of ₹ 9 /Unit).
  • The environmental benefit is reduction of 365 tons of CO2 emission per annum (considering 0.72kg/Unit).

Urban afforestation in and around Suburban Mumbai:

Tree Plantation Drive

BPCL MR carries out Tree plantation drive every year. In 2014-15, BPCL MR has planted 10000 no. of trees and out of which 3050 trees were planted at APMC, Vashi (Annexure-1: Recent photos depicting growth of trees at APMC, Vashi). Also, 2017-18, 5230 no. of trees were planted at Village Kolshet, Ghodbunder Road,Thane along with Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) (Annexure-2: Pictures of tree plantation drive). In 2018-19, Tree plantation was done inside refinery premises (Annexure-3: Recent status of Trees planted inside refinery. Also, in 2018-19, 275 trees were planted at Borivali National Park with the help of M/s Center for Environmental Research & Education (CERE) (Annexure-4: Recent status of Trees planted at Borvali National Park).

Details of tree planted from 2012 onwards are depicted in below table:

Sr. No. Year Tree Plantation Quantity done outside
1 2012-13 9000
2 2013-14 3200
3 2014-15 10000
4 2015-16 1202
5 2016-17 10055
6 2017-18 5230
7 2018-19 275
8 2019-20 12000
  Total 50962

In 2019-20, BPCL MR planted 12000 no. of trees with the help of M/s CERE at Fanaswadi, Panvel-Wawandi road, Karanja Uran and Palghar district.

MOU between BPCL MR & RCF for sewage treatment plant

Mumbai refinery of BPCL consumes typically 13500 T/D of raw water for various uses. Raw water is supplied to Mumbai Refinery by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

In our quest to undertake water recycling and meet social commitments, BPCL had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers (RCF) for setting up state of art technology of Sewage Treatment at Trombay to treat 22.75 Millions of Lites (MLD) of municipal sewage to produce about 15 MLD of treated sewage.

With the commissioning of this project, Mumbai Refinery will be less dependent on raw water sources of MCGM. The raw water thus freed up will be available for supply as potable water to households and other consumers. This will create 50% redundancy in water supply.

New Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) successfully commissioned on 10th September, 2019 and BPCL MR has started receiving treated water in raw water cooling towers.

Rain Water Harvesting at BPCL Mumbai Refinery (MR):

BPCL (MR) has a vision to be a role model for environment and have always focused on environment protection and creating awareness for sustaining these efforts. We are continuously innovating our process and trying to improve operational efficiency towards energy conservation, reduction in water consumption and tree plantation every year as a part of green initiative.

Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) is implemented in the refinery as a water and energy conservation measure. Water being a scarce but essential resource, it is necessary to conserve the same. At Mumbai refinery, several projects have been implemented for rain water harvesting for conservation of raw water during the Monsoon season.

Butterfly Garden at BPCL MR:

BPCL Energy & Environment (E & E) section along with Estates have developed a butterfly garden at two plots near garden area behind the rock foundation opposite to Main Gate in partnership with The Centre for Environmental Research & Education (CERE), a Mumbai based NGO. Along with butterfly garden, a vertical garden has also been developed on existing board from backside. The work was started in Dec 2018 and successfully completed in Feb 2019.

This unique pollinator friendly butterfly garden is an on-going element BPCL’s larger commitment to environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation. BPCL MR developed this butterfly garden to serve as “Biodiversity Island” for native and rare plants, birds, insects, bees and butterflies. Around 2500 tree saplings of different species have been planted in butterfly garden. Each plant of this garden has been carefully selected to play the role of either host or nectar species in order to attract more butterflies and provide a supportive habitat for butterflies to flourish. Butterflies play a vital role in food chain and their presences is a sign of healthy ecosystem and chemical free environment.