In the 20 years since its inception, CRDC has developed a bouquet of top-notch innovations with indigenous effort. The sustained quest to innovate class-leading novel solutions has found global recognition, as over a period of time we have garnered international intellectual property rights in the form of a big basket of patents.


We have filed 130 patents in India and abroad, for novel products, innovative processes and unique concepts, while 70 patents have been granted.


Patent rights have been awarded in India, USA, Europe and OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) countries.


Also, more than 150 research works have been published in scientific journals of international repute. Furthermore, CRDC’s research has been cited in 5 book chapters.


Recently, we has initiated patent monetization has been initiated, under which most prospective patents will be identified and a monetization strategy will be rolled out.


Patented Innovations

CRDC is focused on innovating industry-specific products and processes that help Bharat Petroleum gain a competitive advantage in the market and yield resource conservation as well as financial savings, thus adding to the bottom line.

Some of the high-profile patented innovations are outlined here.