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Mumbai Refinery is one of the most versatile refineries in India that excels in aspects such as quality, technology, human relations, safety and environmental friendliness.

Capacity Utilization & Target Vs. Actual Performance

Here's an overview of Mumbai Refinery performance

Parameter Units 2017-18 2018-19
Crude Processed MMTPA 14.05 14.77
Crude Throughput MMTPA 14.29 14.78
F & L % wt on thruput 6.19 5.44
SEC MMBTU/bbl/NRGF 66.7 64.6
Dis Yield % wt on thruput 84.3 82.2
Transportation Fuel Transportation Fuel 73.3 72.5
Crude Data Units 2017-18 2018-19
Total High Sulphur MMTPA 5.79 6.41
Total Low Sulphur MMTPA 4.58 4.64
Mumbai High MMTPA 3.68 3.72
Low Sulphur % 58.8% 56.6%
High Sulphur % 41.2% 43.4%

State of the art portfolio

Mumbai Refinery is one of the most versatile refineries in India and excels in all aspects like quality, technology, fuel & loss, human relations, safety, environmental friendliness and operating cost.

With successful implementation of various projects and de-bottlenecking, the refinery currently processes about 14 Million Metric Tons of crude oil per annum. It has processed 81 different types of crude in more than five decades of its operations, making it one of the most flexible refineries in the country. Following the Government's acquisition of the Burmah-Shell, the refinery was renamed to Bharat Refineries Limited in 1976. In August 1977, the Company was given its permanent name, viz. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL).

Through various creep expansions, installed capacity of Mumbai refinery was increased to 6 MMTPA by 1985.This was augmented to 12 MMTPA in 2005 when refinery took one of its big expansion plans and set up Refinery Modernization Project. In 2015, 60 year old CDUI & 2 were replaced by a state of the art integrated Crude & Vacuum Distillation Unit. Mumbai refinery has progressed at a prodigious space inspite of being brownfield to achieve crude processing traget of 14.77 MMTPA in the year 2018-19.

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