Project Ankur: Energising Startups

A seed is a miracle. When this tiny thing finds favourable conditions, it begins to stir with enthusiasm. It sprouts, produces leaves and takes an upward path to reach its potential.

Bharat Petroleum is replicating this magical process by nurturing breakthrough ideas and concepts in their crucial early stages of development. No wonder, we call our startup initiative ‘Project Ankur’ – literally meaning ‘sprout’.

Launch Pad for Entrepreneurship

BPCL added a new chapter to the Corporation’s glorious history of energising the nation by starting Project Ankur in 2016 with an initial corpus fund of ₹25 crore. Conceived as a part of the Startup India initiative of the Government of India, Project Ankur is at the heart of a new innovation revolution. Through this ambitious initiative, BPCL is developing a supportive ecosystem that nurtures budding entrepreneurship in the country by fostering innovative ideas to help them blossom into vibrant startups and create an ecosystem-wide multiplier effect. For this, Project Ankur acts initially as a nursery and then as a launch pad for the next generation of startup entrepreneurs to take off on firm footings. Know More