Ship Chartering

BPCL always gives priority to procurement of domestic crude oil for running its refineries. However, as this is not sufficient to meet the Crude oil processing requirements for BPCL Refineries, International trade procures crude oil from foreign sources. All shipping requirements for crude oil imports, product exports/imports as well as domestic coastal movement are handled by the Chartering desk.
We employ vessels of different sizes on Time Charter, Voyage Charter and also engage vessels under ‘Contract of Affreightment” (COA) to transport crude oil from various regions such as Far East, Middle East, West Africa, South America, North America at most favorable terms. Chartering also ensures adequate numbers of vessels are engaged for time charter, for import of LPG and coastal movement of petroleum products.
BPCL supports Indian Ship owners as per the extant rules however, encourages competition by inviting foreign ship owners also in its vessel chartering tenders.