Fuel for Tomorrow's Technology

BPCL’s Speed97 is a product that goes over and above reducing and preventing deposits, to ensure your vehicle is able to give its best performance. This fuel is designed to reduce engine knocking by giving added power and improving responsiveness. Speed97 is especially suitable for high-end luxury cars and SUVs - all the while keeping emissions low.

Whether you own a high-end luxury car or an SUV, both have high compression engines which a normal octane petrol is not able to support well. As normal octane petrol ignites faster and fully compresses the piston. This can lead to knocking and power loss, while bringing down the responsiveness of the car. But Speed97 has a higher octane rating which delays the ignition of air-fuel mixture. This ensures a smooth ride - exactly what your high-end car promised to do when you got it. Purchase this product by searching for ‘petrol pump near me’ on the BPCL website.


Younger Engine, Lively Car

Speed97 contains Multi-Function Additives which constantly work towards maintaining the health of your engine. They remove harmful deposits, while also battling to prevent new deposits from forming so that engine performance does not get hampered. While this may seem like a small step, it goes a long way by allowing the engine to always give its peak performance. In fact, you’re able to let your engine live young with Speed97.


Impeccable Driving Experience

Once an engine is free from harmful deposits, its performing increases by manifolds - and that’s what Speed97 aims at doing. It cleans up the fuel metering system and other components to optimise your vehicle’s running and power. Speed97 reduces engine knocking and increases acceleration so whether you’re setting off on your next journey or are commuting within the city - you’ll get an amazing driving experience!​​


Lower Emissions, Greener Drive

Air pollution is increasing day by day, more care needs to be taken to protect the environment. Speed97 extends a helping hand by reducing carbon emissions from any vehicle by keeping the engine young and clean. Being one of the eco-friendly fuels with its MFA technology puts a rest to your environmental concerns, and now you can now get around without too much worry as you’ll be driving green!