Enriched with special Multi-Functional Additives (MFA), Speed is a premium fuel that keeps your vehicle's engine clean. This in turn maximises its power and helps your journey truly comfortable. Speed also remarkably lowers vehicular emissions, ensuring reliable engine performance and a smoother drive.



A few reasons why you should use Speed:

  • Improved Performance and Efficiency​
  • Better Driving Experience
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Lower Maintenance Cost

How Speed Works:

  • When a vehicle engine is new, its fuel injector, intake valves, ports and the combustion chamber are all free from any deposits. But over a period of time, these parts begin to accumulate deposits, and this can affect the smooth functioning of your engine.
  • The deposits within a fuel injector affect the fuel spray pattern and this leads to improper combustion. But the bigger problem is when this increases fuel consumption, and causes rough idling, reduced acceleration and higher emissions. Moreover, the deposits accumulated on Intake Valves and Ports may soak up fuel components thus impacting fuel economy, emissions and drivability, due to non-optimal air-fuel mixture causing poor combustion. The non-optimal air-fuel ratio entering in the combustion chamber also affects the working of the catalysts in the catalytic convertor and its lifespan. The working of an engine is truly as complicated as it seems - but you don’t need to worry when you have Speed!
  • Engineered to boost your vehicle’s capabilities, Speed, with its superior Multi-Functional Additive [MFA] technology, gets ready to clean up the harmful deposits from Intake Valves & Ports, fuel injectors and combustion chamber. Not only does it clean but also prevents the formation of new deposits thus making a vehicle’s engine work as good as new. Speed is an all-round protection for any fuel system as it works towards avoiding rust & corrosion. Overall, it helps sustain and restore an engine, so you experience a strengthened and smoother journey the next time you travel! Needless to say, maintenance cost goes down as do harmful emissions, while ensuring easier start, increased power, smoother idling, better acceleration and hence, an improved fuel economy.

Benefits of Speed - Improved Performance and Efficiency

Given that Speed is a premium fuel blended with world class Multi-Function Additives [MFA], it effectively controls harmful deposits from accumulating in all fuel metering systems and components like fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves/ports, combustion chamber etc. This enhances overall engine performance and helps achieve fuel economy benefits of up to 2%. All you need to ensure this is Speed before you set off on the next journey in your car!


​Benefits of Speed - Better Driving Experience

While every new vehicle engine is free from deposits, it’s a different story over time. Deposits begin to accumulate and affect the overall driving performance. But when you have Speed, you can drive worry-free. The superior additive chemistry which makes Speed the premium fuel it is, cleans-up these deposits and keeps those vital engine parts clean for a long time. This helps every vehicle owner sustain and restore the original engine performance - with increased power, better acceleration and thus improved driving experience.


Benefits of Speed - Reduced Emissions

Overtime, deposits get accumulated on most engine parts. These deposits may soak up fuel components like a sponge. This can lead to non-optimal fuel-air mixture which can cause poor combustion and impact emissions. Deposits formed in the combustion chamber can also increase emissions and lead to Octane Requirement Increase [ORI] if uncontrolled. This is where Speed’s MFA technology comes in. It washes away the harmful debris and prevents formation of any more debris, thus increasing the engine’s life span and ensuring sustainability by bringing emissions down. Now every drive you take with speed is greener compared to other fuels.


Benefits of Speed - Lower Maintenance Cost

Speed’s technology is aimed towards keeping all engine problems caused by low quality fuel at bay, the fuel components of any vehicle are well cared for. It prevents rust, corrosion and provides all round protection to help ensure the engine stays clean. Something as simple as switching to Speed as your go-to fuel not only helps bring down maintenance costs, but also increases the overall life of an engine.

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