What We Do

We fuel the dreams of the nation and energise it at a truly grand scale. We refine petroleum in our gigantic refineries and market fuels and lubricants in every corner of the nation through our 20,000+ fuel stations (petrol pumps). We are expanding rapidly in petrochemicals and also have upstream business interests (petroleum exploration and production). With rigorous research and development, we have innovated best-in-class products and solutions, winning 70 patents at the last count. As a conscientious corporate citizen, we are developing innovative green chemistries and creating planet-friendly processes and products for a greener world.

Put succinctly, we create opportunities, sustained value, and happiness for all stakeholders.

Heralding a Low-Carbon Future

Accelerating electric mobility is a pursuit wherein we are catalyzing a clean future for automotive transportation. As part of our energy transition, we have proactively begun converting 7,000 of our 'Fuel Stations' into 'Energy Stations' to offer not only petrol and diesel, but also CNG, electric vehicle charging, and flexi fuels, with a vision to introduce hydrogen in the future. We are also accelerating sustainable energy through biofuels like 1G and 2G Bio-Ethanol, Compressed Bio-Gas and Biodiesel in our journey towards a sustainable future accentuated by greater energy self-reliance. Simultaneously, the other part of our renewable energy portfolio – solar and wind – will see manifold jump in capacity in the coming years.

We have also challenged ourselves with the goal of achieving 'Net Zero' in Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2040.

New-Age Solutions

With a massive digital transformation, we have stepped into a scintillating future that leverages new-age technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, sophisticated automation, multifunctional e-solutions and web-based applications with rich functionality for providing hi-tech futuristic services to customers and engaging them in new delightful ways.

Communities are Us

Supporting our less endowed brethren is a heartfelt concern for us. Thus, we go miles to transform communities at the grassroots level through various far-reaching initiatives that foster socially important causes such as enhanced child education, women empowerment, skill development, strengthening of the rural economy, water conservation, environmental rejuvenation and more. It is heart-warming to see that our efforts are reciprocated joyfully by communities that are equally enthusiastic about the transformation achieved.