About Us


BPCL Corporate Research & Development Centre (CRDC), a premier research institution in the country, is an R&D Centre recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). The Centre, located at Greater Noida and set up on a sprawling 68-acre site, was established in 2001. The facility has grown manifold since then, as the more research domains were added steadily in the subsequent years.

Bharat Petroleum, a leading public sector undertaking (PSU) with ‘Maharatna’ status, is a national oil company engaged in the petroleum refining and marketing business, with about 21% share of marketing of oil products in the country. For navigating the future proactively and to ensure sustained competitiveness, setting up CRDC was a decisive move in the innovation-led growth strategy of the corporation.


CRDC has developed numerous cutting-edge technologies as well as innovative products and processes, to increase company’s profitability and reduce the environmental footprint. This relentless quest for excellence has yielded many rich rewards, such as the large portfolio of patents that we have built up over the years by innovating industry-leading solutions.


Corporate R&D Vision

“Our R&D is aimed to support growth and social needs through basic and applied research and achieve technological breakthrough ideas and innovations thereby establishing credibility on sustainable basis, leading to value addition through commercialization and cost leadership encompassing all corporate business endeavors.”


Corporate R&D Policy

  • Integrate strategies for businesses and R&D for continuous growth of businesses through innovative process and products developing by dedicated team.
  • Strengthen the state-of-art Corporate Research and Development Centre for launching major technology development initiatives in the area of oil refining and energy including nonconventional / alternate sources for sustainability
  • Ensure provision of talented human resource and nurture development of core competency in the highly specialized area of research and development
  • Enhance group synergy through collaborative work, knowledge of experts and collaborative research programs with leading academic and research institutes both within India and worldwide
  • Improve skills and competencies of R&D researchers to enable them to perform in line with world class R&D performance standards
  • Recognize the role of R&D in enhancing profitability and sustained market leadership
  • Periodically review effectiveness, adequacy and suitability of the R&D activities and policy through the Research Council, to drive continual improvement